Comic Book Coloring

I’m trying to stretch out into various things hoping something will catch as a way to make money besides working in a warehouse. To that end Nate Lovett posted some sample pages recently, and I thought it would be fun use them as an experiment in how well I can color someone else’s work. I think they turned out pretty good.

46 days ago
Chris Pritchard

No News is Good News?

My life has been consumed lately with trying to find a job and doing things to keep sane while I await a response from any of the myriad of places I’ve applied to, so posting things on the internet has been light. I haven’t really had the desire to draw too much lately, but I have been taking time the past few Sundays to write and have been working on finishing the script for Sunsara. I’ll post as I get issues done over on, but it’s taking a lot longer than you would think it should to write.

I have been wanting to take a sketch to a finished level lately and can’t decide what image to go with for that. This little sketch may be the one, but who knows.

111 days ago
Chris Pritchard

A Post With No Name, or Images

What is up with that?

Well, life is a big heap of possibilities now, with a large assortment of time sensitive things happening. I leave for Seattle this week and start my adventure in finding work, both in design/art and teaching yoga. I’ve also had this idea for a long time that there needs to be a publisher that truly respects the creative person and the work they do. That there shouldn’t be people making a salary trying to get writers and artists to work for pennies to keep said salary coming. That’s not to say publishers need to not make money, I just feel there’s a disrespect for the value that creative people bring to the table. The fact is that without the creators, most publishers would be people sitting around waiting for something to sell.

With that said I’d like to introduce my idea:
Equanimity Publishing

I don’t know if it will take off. If it does it will be because many like-minded people came together to pitch in and do together what one person can not do alone. So jump in or hit me up if you’d like to contribute.

(And yes I do see the irony in asking people to pitch in on an effort for no reward right now that is about fighting people who want artists to do the same, but we have to start somewhere.)

139 days ago
Chris Pritchard

Long Time No Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve tried to keep content on fresh but this is a more personal post. The past two and a half weeks I’ve been in Seattle trying to find employment. I head back to Ohio on Wednesday and have made a couple connections but nothing solid. Not that I really expected that in three weeks I’d have a job lined up. I have been in contact with a recruiter and the main obstacle is that I don’t have an actual address in the area. One agency said blankly “tell us when you move here”. And I’m not sure if many places I’ve applied have read the part of my cover letter stating my intentions to move here by the end of June.

With all that I’ve had a lot of negative pressure in the form of fears and judgements of family and friends toward the idea of moving out here without already having a job lined up. But the fact that I don’t live out here is disqualifying me from the prerequisite that other people are putting on this plan. It’s been a challenging few weeks and an especially challenging few days. The urge to throw things has been hard to resist. Fortunately I have an understanding and supportive wife and we’ve come up with a bit of a compromise plan. So basically things are continuing to change as they’ve been doing regularly over the past year. I’ll be moving to Seattle for three months, working on getting work, hopefully working on some stories, and trying to push my yoga on people. That’s right, in a week I’ll be a full fledged yoga teacher. That’s an entire aspect of my life I haven’t talked about much. I do it for the meditation more so than the physical exercise which brings most people to it and why most people practice it. But it’s been very helpful for my mind and body especially in the face of some repetitive strain injuries I have accumulated from over a decade of spending a large amount of my time at a computer. It’s also kept me from that urge to throw things when I get frustrated. So at the same time I’m looking for a day job, I’ll be approaching the game studios and possibly other offices in the Seattle area with programs I’m developing with the modern creative professional in mind, and the overall working public in mind.

I’ll be posting bits of scripts I write over on and trying to get to some sort of regular updates on here for the few people who like to hear the craziness that is my life. And with that ends the typing of words for the day.

153 days ago
Chris Pritchard

I Could Use an Assistant

Yeah, there’s never enough time. I haven’t had much time to draw this past week. All the prep and work towards getting Sunsara together, finishing up the lettering of issue 2, and making plans has kept me super busy. Here’s the latest little piece of merchandise for Sunsara; dog tags. Well, they could be used as keychains too, but I’m including ball chains with them for people to hang around their neck. I have a couple more t-shirts coming this week too. I’m pretty much going all out with this project. This is my primary attempt to make things happen with my personal creations and I’m not holding anything back.

I am posting regularly over at, and probably won’t be keeping to my weekly blogging schedule here. So keep up over there as there will be a ton of news and announcements in the next few weeks, as well as the continued posting of issue 1 of Sunsara.

236 days ago
Chris Pritchard

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