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Messing with styles a little more and a bit of environment practice. The thing with black and white drawings is I love the way my stuff looks in pencil, but I’m never very pleased with how it translates into pure black when I “ink” over it.

I really should sketch out more comic book pages, but it’s so nice outside I’m going to have to play a bit of hooky today and go to the park for a bit. Maybe do more work later in the day. Maybe play some Rage. We shall see where the day takes me.

4 days ago
Chris Pritchard


One of the things I’m going to have to figure out for my next comic book project is style. I’m not sure if I want to go with a more graphic approach or more rendered. Time is never on my side so I may try to find graphic style that still has fleshed out feel (isn’t just flat colors for every shape). I think I’ll spend some time doing some black and white sketching as I spend so much time rendering, blending, color mixing that I think it’s time for a bit of a refresher.

6 days ago
Chris Pritchard


I spent most of my time this weekend working on some hush-hush stuff. Now I’m finished with that and not sure what to mess with, so I’m opening various files and doodling a bit here and there. I’m torn between going outside and playing on this nice fall day in Ohio, and sitting inside and working on art. Maybe I will find some sort of balance and do a bit of both.

Another artist mentioned listening to the music of Robotech last week while working and that sparked in me the desire to bust out my Robotech DVDs. I started on the first one yesterday while working so it was more like listening to Robotech instead of watching. The cheesiness is most high at times, but it amazes me how adult the story is compared to other cartoons from the time. Everyone jokes about how in GI Joe there’s tons of firing and nobody gets killed. Everyone ejects from their vehicle right before the moment it explodes. Not so in Robotech. Six episodes in and in every episodes I believe I’ve seen people getting torched. Not to mention the host of other parts of this story that would be controversial to certain peoples sensibilities even today (interracial relationships, a cross-dressing male singer, etc.). The more I think about it the more I realize Robotech was probably the first serious story I loved when I was young. It wasn’t just about a cool looking lionish man with an even cooler sword, or about Autobots rolling out. It was the first story that made me want to tell stories about people and situations, not just cool looking things. Anyway enough on that.

My first acrylic painting I’ve done for pay has been posted. There are some serious color changes I did digitally with the outfit of the guy getting stabbed. It was a fun piece to work on, and nice to get to work with real paints again, but really made me appreciate the digital tools we have today to draw and paint.

On something totally unrelated to art (man this is a long post), I’ve never much liked the whole idea behind Facebook and now Google+. On their face they are social networks for those who use them, but underneath it’s really a way to get tons of personal info to sell for profit, to gather data and make tons of money by selling it to third parties. Maybe I’ve read 1984 too many times, but I just don’t feel comfortable knowing that my information and things I share are being packaged and sold for tons of money. I also don’t like how every change at FB comes with the default being the exact opposite of privacy until enough people complain, then they take a half step back. Honestly, not everyone I’m “friends” with is a close friend. Most are people from High School I don’t ever talk to, some are people who know people I know, and a small few are people who I really consider friends. But even then I don’t like how it now tells everyone you know everything you do. I don’t feel that everything I say should be heard by everyone I know. I don’t get on a conference call when I’m talking with a friend about something serious in their life and make sure that everyone else I know hears what I’m saying. I just think it’s another way for them to make sure that access to everything you post is accessible to everyone who is paying FB, because whatever your opinion of the social network may be they’re all about making money off of you.

I’ll stop with my rant there and point out a project that seems like a social network I could love, Diaspora. It still hasn’t been officially rolled out, but there are “pods” up and I’ve signed up at If it sounds cool to you and you sign up, connect with me [email protected]. It looks a lot like G+, and there aren’t many people on there, but I hope it takes off. I’d feel less like at some point in the future the built in camera on my iMac will constantly be on sharing my every moment with everyone on FB. Anyway, enough of the old man, time to enjoy the day.

11 days ago
Chris Pritchard

Somehow it's already fall

This is a character sketch from a few years ago. I liked it so much that I’m including him in my newest project. No freelance happening currently which is a bit of a nice change. A free weekend to be lazy, well not really lazy, but to get to work on my own stuff at a leisurely pace is nice.

I guess I was lazy for a bit yesterday. I finished up Dragon Age 2. Not as good as the first one. They recycle so many areas in the game it’s like they phoned in half the thing. And the overall plot/story lacks a real climax. It’s a pretty game with fun gameplay, but a question you should never feel the need to ask once you get through a game is “That’s it?”. I call this video game blueballs, and that’s not something that’s desirable in any entertainment.

Anyway, back to work.

18 days ago
Chris Pritchard

Cincy Comic Expo 2011

Yesterday I headed down to Cincinnati Ohio for the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I once again had the pleasure of sitting next to two great guys and comic creators, Bruce O. Hughes and Justin Wasson. This was the second Cincy Expo and was held in a larger venue than last year. It was a nice space and there was a constant stream of people for the entire day minus the last hour and a half, which was when the costume contest happened one floor down. That’s the only minus to the show. Well, that and the fact I didn’t sell a single comic. I sold enough prints to make it worth the trip down but I’m really surprised I didn’t sell one copy of the Subterfuge trade. The next show I do I need to make more of an effort to get the book in people’s hands and have them flip through it. I have a real hands off approach at cons. I hate repeating myself constantly and have a real phobia against acting like a car salesman. I need to get over that and be more of a pimp of my wares, while finding a balance that keeps me from becoming a total douche. Even if I wouldn’t have sold much, getting to see old friends like Joe Slucher, Bruce and Justin was worth the price of admission.

For an image this week we have more concept work. I’ve been refining characters and continuing to flush out details. Today I’m finishing up some L5R work and once that’s done it will be time to jump on my next comic project and try to finish up the roughs for issue one. Although I may detour a bit and finish up the sketch I posted last week. Decisions decisions.

25 days ago
Chris Pritchard

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