Subterfuge is my humble attempt at a webcomic. I used to update a panel a week, now I update a full page each week. I allow myself to spend between 4 and 7 hours per page, trying to get it done fairly quickly. I have only a basic plot figured out so much of what I'm doing is in the moment.

Dean Sullivan

Homicide Detective who is called to the scene of the murder of the mayor’s daughter, Delyla Highfeld. This starts a chain of events which forever change him.

Dave Tadwell

Police officer and best friends with Dean since they were in the Police Academy together.

Sharon Douglas

Dean’s partner. K.I.A.


Criminal who captured Dean and who’s partner killed Sharon.


Club owner and sometimes police informant.

Naomi Thompson

SOL member who saved Dean from Sylvia.

Sons of Liberty(S.O.L.)

Considered a terrorist group by the government the Sons of Liberty vandalize and propagandize against the government. Many believe they are also behind many bombings and murders.